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Skybags service is an innovative Home Check-in Service.

Now you can check-in comfortably at home, in your office or hotel and leave your luggage to us.

All you must do is collect your boarding pass at the “no luggage check-in” desk and start your trip as nicely as can be, without stress, queues or physical strain. 


The day before your flight

Our identified and uniformed customer service agent (Skycap) goes to your address (home, office, or hotel) and perform the check-in. All your passport or ID documents are checked. Your suitcases are sealed in your presence in order to comply with all security regulations, weighed and measured according to your airline policies. All excess weight and/or dimensions are charged according to your airline price table. We  leave you a receipt of our service.

On the day of the flight

Just have to go to the airport and collect your boarding pass. You will be indicated the gate of departure. Your baggage will fly with you on the same flight.














































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