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The check-in & baggage pick-up
On the eve of your flight all travelling family members must be present and all baggage should be already closed and ready for check-in.
The client will be advised a few minutes before our agent’s arrival. All our Skycaps are well identified and uniformed. The vans are also identified and equipped with security and alarm systems. With us, your baggage is safe.
The check-in will proceed in two fases:
First it will be performed in presence of all passengers to check all needed documentation for the intended trip. Should one of the passengers not show at the time of check-in or lack the needed documentation, the service will be unabled for that passenger.
Then the baggage will be sealed in your presence. This assures the inviolability of your baggage until you collect it in your destination. All security seals are numbered and registered in the transportation permit that will be in your possession. After sealed the baggage will be weighed and measured and all possible excess weight or extra dimensions will be charged.
The client will assume total responsibility for the content of the baggage, since this is sealed in his/her presence to guarantee inviolability. Therefore a term of responsibility (in the transportation permit) will be signed assuring the baggage does not contain any of the forbidden items, guns, drugs, etc.
In case the baggage does not pass the airport security control the client will be contacted and the baggage opened in his/her presence.
In the end of our service, our Skycap will take your tickets and your baggage to the airport, leaving you the Service and Transportation Permit containing all the information about your baggage to substitute your ticket.
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